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自分が気に入ったカッコイイ車を紹介します。 I introduce a cool car likes, / #car #macchina  #auto

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フランスの自動車大手、プジョーは4月16日、コンセプトカーの『308 Rハイブリッド』の概要を明らかにした。実車は4月20日、中国で開幕する上海モーターショー15で初公開される。

308 Rハイブリッドは、プジョーの主力Cセグメント車、『308』のハッチバックに、高性能なプラグインハイブリッドパワートレインを搭載したコンセプトカー。「小型ハッチバックから、スーパーカーのスリルを」、をテーマに、プジョースポールが開発を担当した。




ソース レスポンス《森脇稔》

French car giant Peugeot April 16, revealed an overview of the "308 R hybrid" concept car. Vehicle is April 20, is unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show 15 kicks off in China.

308 R Hybrid, Peugeot's flagship C-segment car, the hatchback of "308", the concept car equipped with a high-performance plug-in hybrid powertrain. "From a small hatchback, the thrill of super car", the theme, Peugeot Sport is responsible for the development.

PHV powertrain, Peugeot October 2014, first published concept car at the Paris Motor Show 14, basically common and for the "Quartz".

Engine, 1.6 liters in-line four-cylinder gasoline turbo "THP". I generate a maximum output 270hp. Motor two. Before and after, respectively, to place the motor with a maximum output of 115hp, it is 4WD driving a four-wheel. Total output of the combined engine and motor 500hp, very powerful and 74.4kgm.

Transmission, 6-speed paddle shift. Power performance, ability of 0-100km / h acceleration 4 seconds, top speed is 250km / h (limiter activated). And yet, it is equipped with a CO2 emissions 70kg / km, the superior environmental performance.

Source response "Moriwaki Minoru"


車名のFNRとは、シボレーブランドのグローバルスローガン、「Find New Roads」の略。デザインは、上海GMのアジア太平洋研究&開発センターが主導。都市に生活する若い世代の顧客に似合うクールな小型EVを提案する。




ソース レスポンス《森脇稔》

GM and SAIC of China joint venture, Shanghai GM is April 19, in Shanghai Motor Show 15 preview event that was held in China, was first published the "FNR" of EV concept car.

The FNR of car names, Chevrolet brand global slogan, stands for "Find New Roads". Design, Asia Pacific Ocean Research & Development Center is led by Shanghai GM. I propose a cool compact EV that suits the younger generation of customers who live in the city.

Aggressive in the futuristic "capsule" design features. Headlights and tail lamps, laser crystal specification. Door is opened and closed by swinging manner. Adopt a hub-less wheel motor. Charging, I do with automatic wireless.

In addition, the FNR, automatic operation, authentication system by a pupil, gesture control, such as wireless charging, a number of advanced features are included. For automatic operation, and realized by a variety of sensors and the roof of the radar.

In automatic operation mode, the front seat is rotated 180 degrees, and face-to-face and the rear seat. The driver can be switched by gesture control, the manual mode.

Source response "Moriwaki Minoru"

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