I did some further energy signature readings and inquired whether any large quakes (defined as 7.0 or larger) were going to happen this month. The answer: no.
I went through the rest of the months left in this year. No large quakes in the rest of 2011.
I read 2012. No large (7.0 or larger) quakes for Honshu, Japan.
For 2013 the reading was indeterminate; which I interpreted as "Gaia has not yet made up her mind, awaiting future circumstances."
For 2014 I got the reading that a magnitude 7 or greater earthquake was in store for Japan, but more in the sparsely-settled volcanic and earthquake-prone northern island of Hokkaido.
Thus for the next several years the populous central part of Japan is safe from another monster quake like the March 11 one of 9.0 size.
But had Gaia been leading up to a very large quake off Honshu, Japan in the last few weeks? The indication came back: yes.
So, when did Gaia change her mind? She started to consider a new policy on August 20, and consolidated her decision on August 21.
(August 21 was also the only day this past week with only one quake.)
What is Gaia's new policy towards Japan? Instead of relieving the pent-up pressure of the Pacific Plate's advance under Japan by one huge quake, Gaia has decided to deal with that pressure, and the plate's need to advance, by a series of many intermediate-size quakes.
And so, the very next day (today, 8/22), so far Gaia has generated five intermediate quakes: 4.7, 5.9, 4.8, 4.6 and 4.4. And so, Gaia's new policy towards Japan has begun.

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