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更新日: 2012年02月15日

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マイケル・ショーン・ベルナルド(Michael Shawn Bernardo、男性、1969年7月28日 - )は、南アフリカ共和国出身の元キックボクサー、元プロボクサー。南アフリカ共和国・ケープタウン出身。スティーブズジム所属。







@ddtkod 私がチームカラコダのチームドクタ-時代にお世話になったトレーナーのケビンから、FBにてメッセージを受け取りました。

南アフリカのサイトもマイク・ベルナルド死去のニュースを報じている。 Ex-champ Bernardo dies at 42 http://t.co/N4r1RIOj Former SA fighter dies http://t.co/oKggLfUc

格闘クリニック Dr.F 


My prayers goes out to Michael Bernardo and his family, RIP MY FRIEND!!!!


K-1 legend and one-time MMA fightter Mike Bernardo passed away on the 14th of February, 2012, in Cape Town, South Africa. He apparently committed suicide.




K-1 Legend Mike Bernado passes away at age 42

K-1 legend Mike Bernardo (1969-2012) has passed away according to reports. This is a huge blow to the kickboxing community as Bernardo was one of the premiere heavyweights in the golden days of K-1. More details to come.

Mike was a staple of the K-1 roster in the 90s and a huge commodity in Japan. The South African had wins over notable names such as Peter Aerts, Mirko Cro Cop, Andy Hug, Francisco Filho & Branco Cikatic. Bernardo also had a successful boxing career, drawing with famed LA based trainer Justin Fortune and beating Tyson victim Peter McNeeley. If you ever have the time I suggest watching the documentary “This is Mike Bernardo” to get a good look into the man and the early days of K-1. Watch below to relive one of Bernardo’s epic knockout wins in a famed rivalry with the then undisputed king of the division Peter Aerts.

Mike was the first fighter to effectively incorporate boxing at a high level in the K-1 circuit, and paved the way for many after him. A true loss to the kickboxing community.

A reliable source close to the situation has confirmed that K-1 legend and one-time MMA fighter Mike Bernardo has passed away. Further details will be provided as they become available.

Michael Mike Bernardo (born 28 July 1969) is a South African former kickboxer and boxer from Cape Town. Bernardo is known as Beru-chan in Japan, where he has taken part in K-1 World GPs since 1994. He holds notable wins over Mirko Filipovi?, Andy Hug, Francisco Filho, Branco Cikatic, and 3 straight wins over K-1 legend Peter Aerts.

He made his K-1 debut in K-1 World GP 1995 Opening against Andy Hug. Since then he participated in 5 World Grand Prix Finals, achieving the biggest success in 1996. He reached the final but lost to Hug via spining low kick KO.

On New Year's Eve of 2004, Bernardo was going to face Nigerian fighter and Japanese-TV personality Bobby Ologun in K1-Dynamite! but couldn't take part in the event due to an injury and retired from K-1.

マイク・ベルナルド 画像・動画

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