Three debuting this year are Yusaku Maezawa (No. 30), of online fashion mall Zozotown; Hiroshi Ishibashi (No. 38), grandson of the founder of tiremaker Bridgestone; and Kentaro Ogawa (No. 40), the entrepreneur behind Zensho beef bowl restaurants. There is one returnee to the list this year: Hirokazu Sugiura who returns to the richest ranks on the strength of his drugstore and pharmacy chain, Sugi Holdings. If Forbes had run the list last year, former CEO and founder of social networking site, DeNA, Tomoko Namba would have entered the ranks of Japan’s richest; however, with DeNA’s stock price falling 27% this year and the industry facing slumping profits she does not make this year’s cutoff of $650 million. Similarly Kenji Kasahara of social networking site Mixi is also a dropoff since 2010; though Mixi once touted it had more users than Facebook in Japan, the company’s stock price is down 34% over the past year. Interestingly, DeNA and Mixi announced they will create an online shopping site together.

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