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更新日: 2012年12月27日

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England U21 team to play Serbia: Butland Smith Rose Lowe Caulker Dawson Zaha Henderson Sordell Ince Delfouneso #SSN


BREAKING: England Under 21s qualify for next summer's 2013 Uefa U21 Championship in Israel after 2-0 aggregate play-off win over Serbia.


Danny Rose sent off as England U21s match in Serbia ends amid very ugly scenes after last-minute England goal. Uefa certain to investigate.


Horrible scenes by Serbia players, staff and fans at the end of the England u21 game. Their nation should be ashamed. #Disgraceful


Serbia 0-1 #EnglandU21s: The game has ended after some ugly scenes in Krusevac. England have qualified nonetheless bit.ly/V5PxUa



Danny Rose gets monkey chants at Serbia game. UEFA will now fine Serbia about a fiver.

「モンキーチャント」は黒人に対する人種差別で最も簡単にでき、最も単純で、最も品性のないもの。Now Footballは「どうせUEFAの懲罰は大甘なのだろう(罰金5ポンドだろう)」と述べている。

Its a disgrace the way the serbians have acted in the u21 game. Uefa will look into it and fine serbia virtually nothing. Its embarrassing

サンダーランドでプレイするイングランドのフットボーラー、タイタス・ブランブル。彼もNow Footballと同じ「UEFAの処分は大甘だろう」と。

Ugly scenes at the end of the Serbia England U21's game! will they be fined as much as this?? #wehearyou http://t.co/wFkVJ8cn

いつも通り、賭け屋がちょこまかとうるさいが、末尾URLはベントナー(デンマーク)がゴール決めたあとにお腹を見せて走り回ったときに、アンダーパンツのゴムのところにPaddy Powerって書いてあったことで、えらい大目玉(10万ユーロ)をくらった件についての言及。

Seen 3 runs of post match scenes in Serbia now. Verdict.Ban them from competitive football for 12 months,let them stew.Fines not working.



Video: Tottenham's Danny Rose indicates he was subjected to racist monkey chants as England U21s win in Serbia 101greatgoals.com/blog/tottenham…







セルビアの5番がピッチ上であおむけで倒れ込んでいるところに、イングランドの10番(Thomas Ince ... ポール・インスの息子だ)が Alright? 的に声をかけに行く。続いてセルビア側のスタッフが様子を見に行くが、怪我をしているなどではないのだろう(失意のあまり倒れ込んだのだろう)、すぐに立ち去る。


Stuart Pearce confirms England have reported racist abuse to Uefa following the unpleasant scenes at the end of the U21 match in Serbia.


FA statement following U21 game in Serbia this evening: bit.ly/RCrh8I


The FA condemns both the scenes of racism and the confrontation at the final whistle during which time our players and staff were under extreme provocation.

The FA has reported a number of incidents of racism to UEFA following the fixture. These were seemingly aimed at a number of England's black players by the crowd. The matter is now with UEFA.

Here's longer vid of earlier chaos at Serbia-England U21 youtu.be/05IukAku8qA @FA condemns "scenes of racism", "extreme provocation"


On a serious note, the racist abuse in Serbia appeared to be at its most vile. If that was indeed the case FIFA must take strong action!


Former England player Paul Ince says Serbia should be banned for 10 years after England Under-21s game ends in brawl: bbc.in/TrrXKB


#EnglandU21s captain Jordan Henderson speaks about incidents in Serbia: bit.ly/OFEixT


Everyone is delighted with the result and going to the Euros, but what happened tonight wasn't nice and is not called for in football.

There was a lot of racist abuse out there from the stands and a lot going on after the game, which is hard to take for the players.

The players coped with the abuse really well. It's not nice, they kept their heads and were professional. I thought our players were brilliant and conducted themselves very well.

The players completely condemn what happened.

There was also stones, coins and seats getting thrown at us. I didn't understand why Danny Rose was sent off at the end - I didn't see he did anything wrong, other than get abused.

UEFA must deal with this in the right way.


Shocking new footage emerges from Serbia v England (U21) – Monkey noises audible from majority of the crowd 101greatgoals.com/blog/shocking-…


After Jack Butland, the England goalkeeper, tried to lead his team-mates off the pitch, [Steve] Wigley was attacked as he tried to follow down the tunnel. The goalkeeping coach, Martin Thomas, appeared to be headbutted.

[Stuart] Pearce told BBC 5 Live: "Punches headbutts, god knows what, were thrown at the end."

「(少しもみあいになったあと)、イングランドのGKのジャック・バトランドがチームを先導してピッチを後にしようとした。すると(アシスタント・コーチのスティーヴ・)ウィグリーがトンネルに入ろうとしたところを襲撃された。GKコーチのマーティン・トーマスは頭突きをくらったようだ。(監督のステュワート・)ピアースはBBC 5 Liveに対し、『最後には、パンチは飛ぶ、頭突きは繰り出される、そういうものすごい状態になりました』と語っている」

There were also reports of intimidation of England Under-21 players by a member of Serbia's backroom staff in the tunnel immediately before the game.


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