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更新日: 2013年04月27日

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Reddit folks now crowd-sourcing white cap after IDing other suspect's black cap. bit.ly/102HIKD


#slatepitches RT @davidplotz: Reddit is doing a better job than the mainstream media in the bombing investigation. slate.me/11nKD1O



On Reddit, “the media” has become a pejorative term. But let’s face it: Reddit is the media. The main difference between it and, say, a newspaper, is that Reddit’s content is posted and curated by amateurs through upvotes, downvotes, and occasional moderator interventions. Still, the results are similar: a top post on any given subreddit has a chance to reach as many viewers as a popular newspaper story, and in some cases far more.

It’s disingenuous for the site’s users and moderators to disclaim responsibility for any harm caused by those posts—especially since they’re more than happy to claim credit when things turn out well.

But here’s the thing that many in “the media”—that is, the professional media—are overlooking. The Reddit hive-mind does have a conscience. There’s a lot of id to be found on the site, sure, but there’s also a superego.

ここでOremusさんが注目している conscienceとは、“Does anyone remember Richard Jewell?” のこと。


Richard Jewellさんの報道被害があったのが1996年。Redditであれこれやってる10代から20代の子たちは、知らないよ。




それと、「Redditを批判する『メディア』の側はどうか。NY Postでこんなことがあったではないか」という立論では、こんだけ長く書いてきてそれ?と思うし、「メディアとひとくくりにされても困る」と言う人が続出するだけだ。


For better or worse, the FBI and Reddit are crowdsourcing the Boston attacks | ti.me/XJirJc

“I’m sure there are some people who think they are really looking to make a significant contribution, but I think for a lot of people it is a way to help deal with the situation,” said Reddit general manager Erik Martin. “[They] feel at least we are doing something, even if it is not really going to lead anywhere. At least they are helping make sense of this thing, doing something.”

Often that looks like reckless finger-pointing. On Reddit and the anonymous imageboard 4chan, one “suspect” after another emerged. Users rushed to link suspicious faces to names — often by sharing them on Facebook with captions like “help find the Boston Marathon Bomber.”

To its credit, Reddit quickly worked to correct the Barhoun error, banning anyone who posted his information on the site. And the site’s moderators have posted a ban against posting personal information about individuals seen in the photos. “We do not condone vigilante justice,” the site’s moderators announced. “[K]eep in mind that most or all of the ‘suspects’ being discussed are, in all likelihood, innocent people.”

vigilante justiceの状態になってから言っても、遅いんだって……。too naive.

Reddit took off as a hub for amateur investigations after the Aurora movie-theater shooting last year... A similar frenzy followed the Newtown school shooting, with Reddit, along with a host of mainstream news sites misidentifying the shooter Adam Lanza as his brother Ryan, posting his photo and name across the Web.

In contrast to Twitter, where hoaxes and misinformation can live on through viral repetition, Reddit is self-policing, thanks to a simple up-and-down voting system among its users.




Someone at Reddit may have found photo of White Cap Guy rounding corner AFTER blast, see: bit.ly/14A8dQz

"@Gawker: Did Reddit's Boston bomber sleuthing actually turn up a decent piece of evidence? gaw.kr/r8Ts93S"


Suspect photo from Reddit appears legit. Redditors found it was posted to FB Monday (cap blurred to protect user) twitpic.com/ckbm3w

Amazing: NYT talks to guy who took new photo of suspect #2 fleeing--and FBI only asked for photo AFTER Reddit posted. bit.ly/14A8dQz

I do believe I was first, beyond Reddit, to post the new Suspect #2 photo earlier tonight. bit.ly/14A8dQz


#MIT ALERT: Shots fired near 32 Vassar St (Stata Center), police officer down. Please stay inside.



……ていうかこの @YourAnonNews のツイート、何なんすか。

Should @Twitter take editorial action on Trends like Sunil Tripathi? "ID'd as suspect" tweets are still at the top: pic.twitter.com/48REAjiqGG

この @YourAnonNews のツイート、何なんすか。「ガセネタ」なんてもんじゃないんっすけど。


Anyone catch the first name of that #watertown scanner ID? All I heard was "Mulugeta" with a DOB of 10/29/91. Is this one of the suspects?



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