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☆jump on the bandwagon

“to join or give support to a party or movement that seems to be assured of success”: 成功が保証されていると思われる団体や活動(運動、動向など)に参加したり支持すること(Collins Dictionary)

jump on the “cryptocurrency” bandwagon (「暗号通貨」の時流に乗る) / “foldable smartphone” bandwagon (「折りたたみスマホ」の流れに乗る)、など

Messrs. Dimon and Buffett urged an end to issuing quarterly guidance. President Trump directed the Securities and Exchange Commission to study a move to six-month reporting following consultations with business leaders, including PepsiCo Inc. Chairman Indra Nooyi.

出典The Wall Street Journal, December 3, 2018, “For Companies, It Can Be Hard to Think Long Term”


But jumping on the long-term bandwagon is easier said than done. The three most valuable companies by market capitalization—Apple, Amazon and Microsoft Corp. —continue to give earnings guidance, a practice that has long helped investors frame out near-term expectations and has helped the executives gain credibility as they chart out longer-term plans.

出典The Wall Street Journal, December 3, 2018, “For Companies, It Can Be Hard to Think Long Term”


☆that is why it is always Day 1

Amazonのジェフ・ベゾス氏は2016年度の株主書簡の中で、「Day 2は”stasis” (停滞)で、”irrelevance” (存在感の喪失) が続き 、更にこれに続くのが“painful decline” (耐え難い衰退) だ。そして、最後に”death” (死) がやってくる。だからこそ、常に”Day 1”だ。」と述べています。スタートアップ精神を保ち続ける“Day 1”思考こそ、ベゾス流経営哲学の真骨頂です。

Day 2 is stasis. Followed by irrelevance. Followed by excruciating, painful decline. Followed by death. And that is why it is always Day 1.

出典The Amazon Blog, April 17, 2017 “2016 Letter to Shareholders”

“Day 1”であり続けるためのベゾス氏の流儀とは

1. True Customer Obsession (真の顧客第一主義)
2. Resist Proxies (プロセスを仕事の目的にしない:プロセス作りを成果のproxies =代理にしてはならない)
3. Embrace External Trends (外部のトレンドを取り込む)
4. High-Velocity Decision Making (迅速な経営判断)





Any infrastructure effort will have to pass through a tangled thicket of environmental objections, Nimby activists who oppose anything, union work rules, public-versus-private financing schemes, the needs of local political actors, the conflicted interests of cities and rural areas or the nation’s competing regional demands.

出典The Wall Street Journal, January 16, 2019, ” Gridlock Is the New Normal”


☆victim of its own success

「大成功によってもたらされた予期せぬ結果が、自らに悪い影響を及ぼすこと」(“to be badly affected by some unexpected results of being very successful” Longman Dictionary)




With its waterfront views of the East River, proximity to Midtown Manhattan and ample space to develop residential high-rises, Long Island City has become the fastest-growing neighborhood in all of New York City.

But some longtime residents and elected officials say it could become a victim of its own success, especially if Amazon moves into the Queens neighborhood.

出典WSJ, Nov. 7, 2018, ”Amazon’s Attention Raises Hopes, Fears for Long Island City”



☆flip side of the coin

コインを裏返すように、状況・状態について別の見方をすること(“a different way of looking at or thinking about a situation” Merriam-Webster)

Ian Parry, the IMF’s principal environmental economist, estimates a tax of $30 a ton of carbon dioxide could raise revenues in the U.S. by nearly 1% of gross domestic product. (The flip side of that coin is the damping effect such a tax would likely have on consumer spending and corporate investment.)

出典The Wall Street Journal, 3, 2015, ”The IMF IS Pushing for Carbon Taxes, But at What Price?”

IMFのイアン・パリー首席環境エコノミストは、CO2の排出にトン当たり30ドルの炭素税を課せば、米国の歳入をGDPの1%弱増加させることができると試算している。(このような税 [=炭素税] を課すことによって、個人消費と企業投資に減衰効果をもたらすという逆の一面もある。)

☆freezing winter

中国の新興ハイテク企業は、米中貿易摩擦に先行きが見えない状況下、急速な業績悪化と投資環境の急変により、資金調達にも窮する事態に遭遇しているという。自転車シェアサービス大手の北京摩拝単車科技(Mobike)や、テンセントホールディングスが投資する動画配信サイトの斗魚(Douyu)は人員削減を余儀なくされ、ショート動画アプリ「TikTok」を運営する北京字節跳動科技(Byte Dance)は春節の前に従業員に支給する「お年玉」の原資が減るなど、デジタル・プラットフォーマー各社の経営に異変が生じている。

While not yet a meltdown, especially for big established companies, for many startups and smaller firms in a sector that barely existed a decade ago, this is the worst they have seen it. Investors, entrepreneurs and the media are calling it the Chinese internet’s “freezing winter.”

出典WSJ, Feb. 6, 2019, ”For Chinese Startups, an Economic Slowdown Brings a ‘Freezing Winter’”


☆Big Brother

“Big Brother”はジョージ・オーウェルの小説「1984年」に登場する、架空国家の独裁者で、「人々の行動や思想を支配し、自由を制限する絶対的な権力を有する政府、統治者或いは権力者を示す言葉」として用いられるようになりました。

“a way of referring to a government, ruler, or person in authority that has complete power and tries to control people's behaviour and thoughts and limit their freedom”: Cambridge Dictionary

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