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弱ってる人を猫が慰めてくれる…でもこの猫いつ入ってきたの? そしてどこの誰? #NotMyCat

ニュージーランドで発生した事例、およびそれに応じて世界各地から寄せられた報告を鑑みるに、「ねこねこネットワーク (NNN)」は国際組織であると考えざるを得ません。

更新日: 2019年04月17日

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ニュージーランドで発生した事例、およびそれに応じて世界各地から寄せられた報告を鑑みるに、「ねこねこネットワーク (NNN)」は国際組織であると考えざるを得ません。



It was really special to join our local Muslim community for their mosque open day in Ashburton on Sunday. A huge thank you to everyone who pitched in to help plant their new gardens. (and thanks for the shirt @GoodBitchesBake!) pic.twitter.com/bOSbSh3oBo


Timaru handcyclist Jono Nelson is aiming high - the Tokyo Paralympics in 2020. To get there he’s targeting a top 10 finish in Europe in May, up against well funded athletes. Last night Timaru did what Timaru does so well, getting behind him & raising thousands of dollars. pic.twitter.com/e5MlPI19x7






My Dad is recovering from an operation. Mum went out and left a door slightly ajar. My parents do not have a cat. pic.twitter.com/uuQdBMlKQY



……じゃあ、お父さんに体を預けてリラックスしてるこの子、どこの子? ……そういうこと?












@andrewfalloon @shiner_sam Well I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this but your dad is now the property of that cat.


@Lbp11Lp @andrewfalloon @shiner_sam I was chosen by a cat once. Well, I saved it. It was dying of cat flu under snow in my garden so I took it in, warmed it up and took it to a vet. Paid 1/2 of the bills because it wasn't chipped. It came back to our house after the vets. Stayed for two weeks, ate loads then left.


@kevdkev77 @Lbp11Lp @andrewfalloon @shiner_sam cats repay their debts, you’ll see.


@andrewfalloon I meant a stray cat coming and making itself comfortable .... hope he has a swift recovery ... your dad .. not the kat


@andrewfalloon When I had my mastectomy we decided it would be best if I recovered at my mum's house so I could have my own bedroom etc. I was sitting up in bed when a white cat - not hers -came in. He sat next to me and leant his soft, warm fur against my sore arm.

@andrewfalloon @filmystic Cats are little furry nurses. They know when someone is ill and they tend to them. I had a cat that knew exactly where it hurt and layed on that spot, warming it, and making it "all better".

@andrewfalloon Arrived home from work. Wife’s car on the drive as usual. We don’t own a cat either.. pic.twitter.com/1JKCkmePAv


@andrewfalloon @WendyBirdOZ That's how I ended up with my permanent 'lodger' pic.twitter.com/qGw1lcljJ5


@andrewfalloon @schnibbelwib I was chosen by that little cutie about twelve years ago now. I just left the door to my front porch open a bit and after sitting there for about thirty minutes watching me she came in, captured my couch and heart and never left my side since then. pic.twitter.com/7VN2yhNhUG

@andrewfalloon You never own a cat a cat owns or claims you - animals are very clever and this animal realised your dad needed some love


@andrewfalloon @AWjournalist This why Egyptians worshipped cats. They know everything.


@andrewfalloon @branstein2005 Everytime I feel sad or even I end up crying for some reason my cat stays by my side and gives me forehead kisses pic.twitter.com/lLVIorXnea


@andrewfalloon "You have the right to be comforted by a cat. If you do not have a cat, one will be provided for you, mysteriously and out of the blue, at no charge."


@andrewfalloon Sophie adopted my dad after he was widowed , she was with him when he passed away, we are privileged to be her people as she reaches 18 years old has hyperthyroidism, diabetes and lost most of her teeth x pic.twitter.com/lfmqdUHWCT


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